In 2000, inspired by his love of motor racing and his 15-month-old son’s insistence on watching the Grand Prix with him, Dave created Roary The Racing Car. This coincided with his central role in the expansion of Nickelodeon UK where he was the network’s vice president and commercial director.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Dave also has his own publishing company and is responsible for several best-selling football titles under his Red Card Publishing banner. Dave continues to fire his imagination in search of that elusive second international TV hit!


Dave is an award-winning writer whose background as an animation producer has led him to an innate understanding of story and structure. His work embraces a wide range of styles and humorous content, while his lightness of touch has rendered him highly sought after in the industry.

Dave has scripted a succession of feature-length specials and is most at home in the world of live action and animation. His skills as a head writer mean he has steered several projects from early pitches through to broadcast and awards. How he turned the ideas of some 25,000 children into a half-hour script for The Tate Movie Project is anyone’s guess.

Dave’s CV can be found here


Fuelled by long walks, laughter and strong coffee, Samantha develops
award-winning ideas, creates pilots and writes scripts for children’s animation series in a range of genres. She is known for her wry, comedic and characterful style. Formerly a writer and editor at Time Magazine, her background in journalism means she has a great eye for story structure and the telling detail. Samantha has also written live-action feature film scripts and prime-time television shows.


Sarah-Louise wanted two things when she was small: straight hair and to be a writer. Having had one of her stories published by Jackie magazine at the age of 13, she thought she was heading for journalism super-fame, but decided to turn down an apprenticeship at the paper to study Scriptwriting at Bournemouth University.

Sarah-Louise was a key writer on The Bill when it won a Writers’ Guild Award and a BAFTA for Best Continuing Drama Series. She has worked continually in mainstream TV drama.

Sarah-Louise’s CV can be found here


Despite a hi-tech office, Rachel likes to sit and write at her kitchen table with a full teapot and a view of the lively North Sea. Hugely experienced at writing for children’s television, she also has a couple of films to her name. She writes from the heart and boasts an uproarious, heart-warming and funny style.

Rachel’s CV can be found here


Growing up on a farm in rural Oxfordshire helped develop Gillian’s
left-of-field imagination. Her keen comic eye and gift for creating the unexpected make her a popular choice for writing teams and development work. She writes for film and TV and has many years’ experience working on live-action and animated scripts in the UK, the US and Europe.

Gillian lived in Italy for many years where she taught English, wrote novels and trained the Italian Fire Brigade. She has an MA in Screenwriting from the London College of Communication.

Gillian’s CV can be found here


Joanne is a mixed-media artist and the creator of the original idea for and characters from Lily’s Driftwood Bay.

It all began in 2007 on the Isle of Arran, with a cottage not much bigger than a beach hut and a compulsion to fill it with flotsam and jetsam, pottery, sea-glass and driftwood. She soon spied the potential to create a whole new world from all the things she was finding: a big red boat, sea-glass sea, a dancing stag, a skateboarding Granny dog, a chicken created from the bottom of a washed-up teacup all began emerging from the beaches of Arran… and that was just the beginning.

With no background in animation, she imagined a storyline of an island girl called Lily setting off on adventures with treasures washed ashore for her by the waves. Amazingly, a TV company seemed to like it – and developed it with her.

After working on series one as creative consultant, she is now studying graphic design and illustration while working on new ideas for TV shows and picture books. She is a founder member of Children’s Media Network Scotland and still likes to do her bit to keep the beaches clean, which the local seabirds are very happy about.


There’s a lot to be said for advertising. It unearths talent like Keith Chapman, who once worked as an art director selling shaving foam and Wotsits before joining Jim Henson and his Muppets.

Keith went on to create BOB THE BUILDER and, since Bob’s first appearance in 1999, the show has sold to every country in the world, generating $5bn in sales to date. A new-look series of Bob the Builder was launched in 2015.

Keith co-founded Chapman Entertainment, creating FIFI & THE FLOWERTOTS and developing ROARY THE RACING CAR. Chapman also produced LITTLE CHARLEY BEAR and RAA RAA THE NOISY LION.  He created Nick Junior’s global smash-hit preschool show, PAW PATROL, which is fast becoming another billion-dollar brand. Keith is currently developing more children’s shows.

MIGHTY EXPRESS – this series, currently on Netflix, is the second collaboration with Spin Master.


After a 12 year career as an award winning comedy actress Denise gave birth to some small people (just two) and decided to start writing stuff that would make them laugh. Subsequently she has spent the last 14 years turning random ideas about animals, trains, aliens, toddlers and superheroes into episodes of some of preschool’s best loved shows such as Bing, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, Noddy, Thomas the Tank Engine, Waybuloo, Topsy and Tim and more recently The Clangers. Now those small people are a bit older she’s attempting to stay relevant to them by trying not to embarrass them on social media and writing telly for a slightly older audience; shows like Bottersnikes and Gumbles, Dennis The Menace, The Rubbish World of Dave Spud and Mr Bean. She won a Writers Guild Award for Best Children’s Script in 2015 which was one of the last opportunities she had to leave her writing shed at the bottom of the garden.

Denise’s CV can be found here


Lisa’s background is in film and television production. While working at The Jim Henson Company, she ignited a passion for children’s programming and animation, and decided to begin scriptwriting for children on a full-time basis.

Passionate, original and quick-witted, Lisa has a flair for writing character-driven stories with comedy and heart, for both older and younger audiences. She currently has shows airing on major networks worldwide, including CBeebies, Nickelodeon, Nick Jnr, Milkshake, Sprout, ABC, France 5, Treehouse and The Disney Channel.

Lisa’s CV can be found here