Soulla left her job as a secondary school teacher when she accidentally discovered screenwriting. She quickly realised that writing for the screen was the perfect marriage (storm!) of her two biggest passions (writing & photography) and she’s never looked back. Soulla is a second generation Liverpudlian Greek Cypriot.


Veronica is particularly keen on historical projects, having worked with archives and found footage. Past projects include shorts  ‘THE LAST SUPPER’ (2011), ITSY (2017), feature documentary ‘UNDER YOUR NOSE’ (2016) about UK Black LGBTQ+ history, screened at the V&A, Tate Modern and universities worldwide. ‘MONICA LOOSE ON A CRUISE’ screened at BFI Flare 2019.

Veronica’s feature ‘NINE NIGHTS’ won the Pan  African Film Festival Narrative Feature Director Award 2019, and was nominated for an African Academy Movie Award.

Veronica’s CV can be found here


After writing As You Like It, it might have been hard for Jeff to live up to his own genius but, thankfully, he realised he had the greatest gift of all: he didn’t have to do any real work to earn a living. This unique insight led him to write mainstream TV dramas, films and a novel.

Jeff can be found scribbling anywhere from a lay-by on the A1 to in his neighbour’s garden shed (without their prior knowledge).

Jeff’s CV can be found here


Henrietta’s writing gets under the skin, drawing you in with stories of disenfranchised teenagers kidnapping their siblings; an Iranian family and a Norwegian family going head to head following a murder; and a suburban woman who makes a pact with her death-row devil.

With an MA in Scriptwriting from the Northern Film School under her belt, Henrietta has more recently taken part in the EU TV Drama Writers Lab 2016 in Berlin and Creative England/BFI Talent Campus East. She’s an insightful writer with a talent for emotionally hard-hitting drama about people in very real but impossible situations.

Henrietta’s CV can be found here