Liam’s desire to be a writer can be traced back to the moment that, aged five, his parents explained to him that Thunderbirds wasn’t a factual documentary but was actually a made-up story written by clever people from the 1960s. From that day on, watching countless films and TV shows has been his “research” to work out how to tell a good story, and not just an excuse to get out of the washing up.

Liam now creates TV and movie scripts full of lovable characters, witty dialogue and fast-paced, entertaining stories. He writes in a room where Luke Skywalker, Batman and every incarnation of The Doctor keep an eye on him.


Dave is an award-winning writer whose background as an animation producer has led him to an innate understanding of story and structure. His work embraces a wide range of styles and humorous content, while his lightness of touch has rendered him highly sought after in the industry.

Dave has scripted a succession of feature-length specials and is most at home in the world of live action and animation. His skills as a head writer mean he has steered several projects from early pitches through to broadcast and awards. How he turned the ideas of some 25,000 children into a half-hour script for The Tate Movie Project is anyone’s guess.

Dave’s CV can be found here