Our rights management expertise comes in two packages: the promotion of literary adaptations for film and television, and the packaging and promotion of creative ideas and intellectual property (IP).

We work with some of the top agents and publishers to bring literature to life on screen. If we feel a book has what it takes, we sell the rights on behalf of the agent or publisher for a split commission, dealing with everything from psychological thrillers to chick-lit, non-fiction and children’s picture books.

Representing designers, writers and creatives who come to us with a concept or idea, we help nurture their work to screen and continue the management of the brand, both on-screen and through its licensing programme. When it comes to IP management, our goal is to ensure that all our creators enjoy a healthy ongoing participation in the financial success of their creation throughout its lifespan.


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Featured authors

Valerie Hoskins Associates is proud to have worked with some of the most renowned and talented writers in the business. The demand and appetite for captivating and enthralling writing is higher than ever, especially in the film and TV industry. Here is a showcase of some of the writers with whom we’ve worked, licensing their books for screen or television.

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