Winner of the Best Test Card Pilot at the Edinburgh Film and TV Festival’s New Voice Awards and shortlisted for the 2020 Red Planet Prize. Andrew is a writer passionate about seeing Black led stories on screen. Currently, Andrew has a series in development which has also been optioned by Firebird Pictures headed by former BBC Senior Commissioning Editor Elizabeth Kilgarriff.

Andrew is currently involved in the Riviera season 4 Writers’ Room.

Previously in development with Bullion Productions (all3media),Twinning is a comedy-drama series based on a true story. This series follows identical twin brothers Samuel and Andrew as they find thier world turned upside down when they are sent to live with their Evangelical father in Manchester from London. Not only are they Southerners sent to live up North, they are the only Black kids in their new school. Their new environment makes them realise their differences even more though being identical, and how these differences could either draw them closer together or pull them apart.

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