‘Sally used to be in drama production before she had one too many nights in a North Face parka and one too many trouser-defying breakfasts from a catering van. She then decided that a life of scratching her head and doing battle with Final Draft was a much cosier way of trying to earn a living.

Sally loves to write things that make her kids laugh and her first hero, aged 7, was Pam Ayres who she had an obsession with. Starting out, she wrote poems and plays for the kids in the neighbourhood and then moved into Children’s drama where she is happy to report there were often chocolate biscuits on offer. She was once even given Hobnobs.

Sally is currently writing her first play and working on her first radio drama commission. There are no biscuits of any sort to report at this stage.’

‘The Athena’ has just been shortlisted for Best Kids’ Drama at the Children’s BAFTAs.

  • THE ATHENA - Series 1 for Sky
  • JAMIE JOHNSON - Series 1 and 2 for CBBC (Sally co-developed the show which was nominated for a BAFTA and an International Emmy)
  • Children's and Animation