Samuel Palmer has always had a love for literature, the silver screen and whatever metonym describes television. He’s inspired by these works, the places he’s lived and the people around him, especially his three children, who, despite being the bane of his existence, can be okay sometimes.

It was in California, living out his twenties after a purposefully botched work visa, that Samuel first pursued his dream career as a writer. Naturally drawn to dark comedy with plans to explore a wide variety of styles and genres, he took a more serious approach to his craft when he was forced to leave California and move to Manchester by the powers that be. Samuel isn’t completely blaming his wife for the move but it was her that took the job.

Samuel Palmer’s writing has been described, amongst other things, as “really, really, really good” by his mother. It is from her he inherited his love for writing, but thankfully not his vocabulary, which he describes as “really, really, really good”.

Samuel’s CV can be found here

  • Drama